Tea Time

Le Goûter

the French tea time

32 pp 12pm - 5pm Weekdays

Reservations required (must be made with 48 hours notice)

  • Lemon Strawberry Tartlets

    Sweet dough tartlet filled with lemon curd, glazed, topped with fresh strawberry

  • Peanut Crunch

    Almond dacquoise layered with peanut praline crunch, milk chocolate peanut ganache, bittersweet chocolate mousse, topped with brilliant chocolate glaze

  • Raspberry & Vanilla Chiboust Tart

    Soft almond cake layered with raspberry and almond chiboust cream, caramelized, topped with fresh raspberry

  • Mixed Berry Cheesecake

    Raspberry, strawberry and almond

  • Pistachio Cherry Cake

    Financier cake with pistachio and cherry (griottines)

  • Caramel Truffle

  • Dark Chocolate Truffle


  • Classic & Blueberry Scones

  • Assorted Macarons & Petit Fours

  • Chocolate Bonbon

Tea Selections

  • Big Ben English Breakfast Tea

    A mild but energizing blend of Yunnan and Assam black teas

  • Blue of London Earl Grey Tea

    A delicate blend of Yunnan black tea, bergamot, and blue petals

  • 7 Citrus Russian Blend Black Tea

    Lemon, lime, sweet orange, bitter orange, grapefruit, bergamot, and mandarin

  • Paris For Her

    Green tea with romantic notes of rose, raspberry, and lychee

  • French Garden Herbal Tea

    Caffeine-free apple, rose hip, and pear, with sunflower and marigold petals